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Above gazebo was donated to the Cogdell Cemetery in memory of Lena Hale Cogdell, a Christian lady, born 1901, died 1973, by her grandson, Bobby Lee Cogdell, and built by her great-grandson, John Christopher Cogdell in February of 2006.

The new sign for Cogdell Cemetery was
donated in 2006 by Bobby Lee Cogdell.

Cogdell Cemetery is a very well maintained family cemetery on Highway 412 about 10 miles west of Lexington in the Blue Goose Community.  Click here to view more photos of the cemetery.  Donations, should you like to make a donation to help with the upkeep of the Cogdell Cemetery, can be mailed to the following: 

Bobby L. Cogdell
111 N. Main St.
Lexington, TN  38351

  Wilma Cogdell
115 Crownover Rd.
Lexington, TN  38351
** All donations will be acknowledged and a receipt will be sent.  Please include your name and address with your donation.  If you do not require a receipt, please advise. 
Funds are kept in the Cogdell Cemetery Account at First Bank, 200 N. Main St., Lexington, TN  38351.

The following is taken from the Henderson County Cemeteries website:
Alicia Adcox and Wilma Cogdell recorded this cemetery circa 1976. Their record appears in Henderson County, Tennessee Cemetery Inscriptions (R, H. Smith, Memphis, 1976), Vol. I, pp. 155-156. This earlier work is referred to as "Adcox and Cogdell" in the notes below. They reported 14 unmarked graves. Many of the graves not marked in 1976 have since been marked.


Adams, Martha [see Manly, Martha]

Britt, Clyde 4/5/1904-2/11/1975 [Adcox and Cogdell, reading from a temporary marker, reported him to be Clyde Wesley Britt]

Britt, Dona C., 1878-1953, "Mother" footstone\Britt, Nathan W., 1878-1962

Britt, Pearlie [see Woods, Pearly Britt]

Christopher, Hattie M., 1891-1917\Christopher, Ruben T., 1887-1918, also military marker "Tennessee Pvt. U.S. Army" "September 10, 1918"

Cogdell, Bonnie L., 3/1/1898-6/17/1970, "Mother"

Cogdell, Charlie, 1889-1940

Cogdell, Clara [see Daniel, Clara Cogdell]

Cogdell, Clyde, 1894-1915

Cogdell, Collie Estes, 1872-1927\Cogdell, D. T., 1863-1941 [see Cogdell, Dave T.]

Cogdell, Daisy, ca. 1883-ca. 1899, "Dau. of L. F. & S." [replacement]

Cogdell, Daniel, 3/16/1779-4/12/1859, "Son of David and Ann" "Wife Penelope Sutton" [replacement]

Cogdell, Daniel, 2/5/1813-4/23/1875 [Masonic symbol]\ Cogdell, Rachel, 4/19/1820-4/23/1875

Cogdell, Daniel, 1846-1863, military marker, "In memory of . . ." "Pvt 9 Regt Tenn Inf Confederate States Army"

Cogdell, Daniel W., ca. 1879-ca. 1899, "Son of L. F. & N. E. Cogdell" [replacement]

Cogdell, Dave T., 1863-1941 [B.P.O.E. Elks symbol] [Note: There are two markers for Dave T. Cogdell in different locations, probably because of multiple marriages.]

Cogdell, Dona [not found in 1999; listed by Adcox and Cogdell as "Dau. of Franklin & Elizabeth" (Unmarked Grave)]

Cogdell, Elizabeth Anderson, [not found in 1999; listed by Adcox and Cogdell as "Wife of Franklin:, 1854-1881, (Unmarked Grave)]

Cogdell, Elsie W., 1896-1968

Cogdell, Emma Lou Wood, 6/18/1931-____\George Cogdell, 3/30/1931-10/7/1994, carved rings and :June 18, 1948"; "Members of the Church of Christ" "Our children Cathy-Gary-Beverley" "Our grandchildren Mandy and Tommy Backe/Heather & Melissa Cogdell/Tyler & Erin Hale"

Cogdell, Finner Malone, 3/16/1921-9/17/1923

Cogdell, John Henry, 1920-1959

Cogdell, John T., 4/1/1850-5/27/1920

Cogdell, Lena M., 1901-1973\Cogdell, George W., 1891-1940 [Modern Woodmen of America symbol]

Cogdell, Leroy, 8/18/1916-9/23/1971

Cogdell, Myrtle [see Mitchell, Myrtle Cogdell]

Cogdell, Rosie, 1886-1936

Cogdell, Sam, 9/22/1894-4/25/1937, "Father"

Cogdell, Sefrona, d. 11/22/1902, "Aged 42 Y'rs. 10 Days." "Wife of J. T. Cogdell"

Cogdell, Serena Dunn, ca. 1862- ca. 1897, "Daughter of Tillman & Sarah Ann"\Cogdell, L. Franklin, ca. 1853-ca. 1900, "Son of Daniel and Rachel" "Children Daisy, Rosie, Tom, George W. & Sam" "Erected by Frank Cogdell 1992" [replacement]

Cogdell, T. F. "Tom," ca. 1887-1908, "Son of L. F. & S." [replacement]

Cogdell, Thomas F., 1909-ca. 1911, "Son of G. W. & Eliza" [replacement]

Cogdell, William H., 1840-1862, military marker "In memory of . . ." "Pvt Co A 27 Regt Tenn Inf Confederate States Army"

Cogdell, William Edward, 1/7/1930-____\Cogdell, Edward Oakley, 6/4/1908-1/2/1987\Cogdell, William Nuece, 10/21/1885-8/7/1958

Cogdell, Virginia [see Todd, Virginia Cogdell]

Daniel, Clara Cogdell, 1921-____, unplaced "Mother" footstone\Daniel, William R., 1919-1998, "Father" footstone; also military marker as footstone "Sgt US Air Force World War II"; dates on military marker 8/24/1919-1/19/1998; "Wed May 30, 1942"

Douglas, Settle L., 9/22/1897-2/19/1920, "Wife of C. W. Douglas"

Dunn, Sarah, 1837-1918, "Mother of Sefrona Dunn Cogdell" "Grandmother"

Dunn, Serena [see Cogdell, Serena Dunn]

Estes, Collie [see Cogdell, Collie Estes]

Gill, Alfred, 8/24/1844-12/29/1876

Gogdell, Francis, Jan. 3, 1906-Feb. 12, 1925 [overlooked or not found in 1999; reported by Adcox and Cogdell]

Harrigan, Rachel M. Lizzie Manley Harrigan, 1868-ca. 1912 [replacement]

Harrigan, Will, d. 1897 [replacement]

Hughes, Delroy, 5/8/1909-9/5/1982\Hughes, Leora C., 10/18/1911-6/7/1991

Manley, Harriett C., 1833-1900-1910 [replacement; reported by Adcox and Cogdell as: Manley, Harriett Cogdell, 1838-1894, (Unmarked Crave)]

Manley, Luther [not found in 1999; reported by Adcox and Cogdell as "Son of Harriet & W. Allen," 1872 (Unmarked Grave)]

Manley, R. J. "Bud," 3/23/1893-9/24/1927

Manley, Rachel [see Harrigan, Rachel M. Lizzie Manley]

Manley, Willis Allen, 1831-1900-1919 [replacement; reported by Adocx and Cogedll as: Manley, W. Allen, (Husband of Harriet), 1836- (Unmarked Grave)]

Manly, Ida, 5/10/1874-2/1/1909

Manly, Martha, 6/8/1863-1/23/1896, "Wife of W. L. Manly and Dau. of P. &. E. Adams" (broken)

McNatt, Vickie Ann Todd, 4/8/1958-8/20/1992, "Mother of Joshua A. McNatt" "Daughter of Virginia Cogdell Todd/Curry Todd" "Sister of Curry Jr., Danny, Henry"

Mitchell, Myrtle Cogdell, 1897-1984, temporary marker, Pafford Funeral Home, 4 feet north of marker for Dave T. Cogdell

Taylor, Elizabeth, 5/5/1822-12/6/1885, "Wife of Teagle Taylor"

Taylor, Margrette Ann, 1/10/1856-2/1/1920 (fallen)

Taylor, Tigue, 7/4/1818-2/19/1906

Threadgill, Francis [see Walsh, Fannie]

Todd, Curry, 6/6/1922-2/6/1976, "Father" footstone\Todd, Virginia Cogdell, 9/27/1928-____, unplaced "Mother" footstone

Todd, Vickie Ann [see McNatt, Vickie Ann Todd]

Walsh, John F., 1882-1949\Walsh, Fannie, 1881-1968 [as reported by Adcox and Cogdell: Walsh, Mrs. Francis Threadgill, d. 1/1/1968]

Walsh, Francis L., 7/1/1844-10/28/1900, "Wife of T. J. Walsh"

Welch, Timothy, no dates, military marker "Co. C 1 Ky. Inf.

Wood, Emma Lou [see Cogdell, Emma Lou Wood]

Woods, Pearlie Britt, 10/8/1897-5/18/1976